work space

3 sections of working spaces

art scientific restoration can contain the following conditions:

appaer database inculdes historic , technical and analytical information about ancient panel paintings.

visible light imaging and examination( raking, specular, magnified)
1. Multispectral imagining techniques such as,
Ultraviolet illumination
2. Pigment, binding medium, resin, fiber and wood identification via non – destructive and destructive                                                analytical  techniques (requiring small samples)
3. Dokumentation of detailed visibleobservations of tool marks, panel shape and preparation, inscriptions, dealer         marks and the addition of decorative details (impasto, stucco, gildings)

4. Condition and restoration history

5. Collection history references

  • gilding and historical techniques

such as:

Water or Bole- Gilding, Mordant Gilding, Gesso Gilding, Oil Gilding, Behind Glass Gilding,

Bedding Work, Sgrafitto,

  • modern surface art

such as:

Japan Paper, Acrylic, PVC, Ceramic Paper, Foil