Melanie Seiler is an established restaurator and  artist and has worked with well-known artists, colleagues, institutions and architects for many years. The spectrum of her works  ranges from the scientific restoration of antique paintings and objects to the artistic and contemporary exposure of the technique of gilding on fragile and modern media. In the most recent projects, a discussion is  reflected in my modern surfaces. "My idea is, to bring this wonderful old craft and all these 2000 years old techniques into the present and  transport them to very modern media and  surfaces." The passion for deeper discoveries arose from a young age. Growing up in an artist family, she learned the profession of the restaurator from small. "Grandpa was very patient in answering all my questions, while I looked over his shoulder and watched him work. All the good memories of this time, gave me the feeling of deeper connectedness to this profession- it's not a business, it's a life-task."  Performing this job in 4th. Generation, Melanie Seiler is always looking for new interrelations and techniques. She holds two degrees in restoration and preservation Framed wooden objects and paintings as well as in cultural sciences and lives and works in alternation in hamburg and berlin.