into the space, Photoprint on gilded Paper, 9 x 16 in

developing of memories, Photoprint on gilded Mulberry Paper, 23 x 15 in

The Deep, Photoprint on gilded Paper, 19 x 19 in

Moments of Transition, Photoprint on gilded Mulberry Paper, 19 x 19 in

distance collapse, Photoprint on gilded Foil, 23 x 16 in

La persistencia de la memorial, Photoprint on gilded Paper, 19 x 11 in

Forgotten Horizon, Photoprint on silver gilded Paper, 19 x 19 in

street documentary, Photoprint on gilded Paper, 15 x 19 in


Let me introduce myself and give you a peak into my life. My name is Melanie, i’m half Roma People and German , and have been lucky enough to call many places around the world home.
I’ve experienced art from many different angles since i was a child. Growing up in an Artist Family has been my deepest experience. My father, grandfather and great-grandfather, as well as aunts and uncles, are artists or master of craftsmen.
In my memories, as a child i sat on the long atelier table, collecting small metal nails with a magnet in a small tin box and heared the glue pot simmer on the stove in the next room. The glue cup stands in a water bath in a pot and the soft simmer rising water bubbles let the glue cup hit against the pot.
Grandfather works beside me at the table. Father stands behind me and saws frames. Grandmother is in the shop in front of the atelier and serves the customers. I prefer to stay with grandfather in the back of the workshop, to me there were too many people in the front shop.
Many days and years went on like this. Well remembering with what anticipation I went over the secret back entrance into the studio, asking Grandpa what I am allowed to do today.
From my Family I’ve learned everything about the craft, all the secrets and skills I’ve never learned from books. I knew what I wanted to become when I was young, there was never a question about it. Having father and grandfather as teachers was a matter of course for me.
During my 7 years of study, I traveled the world, working here and there, devoting myself to my motherhood.
Afther all the education and years of expiriences i became a science Restorer for pictures and polycrome surfaces.
I worked as a freelance restorer many happy years and i truely appreciate this time as a science Restorer. But over the years, somehow i was missing something.
With big ambitions, i packed my bags one and half years ago and travel to Los Angeles to pursue my career as a Restorer.
But the trip to La was to change my life as a freelance restorer completly.
My Soul start burning with the breathtaking scenery and the lovely Angelenos. In the magical city happened a miracle with me and i feel like an aggregator in a physical result, who got a vision of my new artwork.
The idea of those special materials and the way of their printing was born in this vibe there.
To leave the restoring scene and give it all to the art who was born there, was a very big step.
In retrospect, I’m glad to have listened to my heart and gone this path. My incredible journey has remained as i grew up and it still defines my world, I can’t fight it. Art is in my blood and present everyday in my life.
Its a nomadic life, following my passion and in search of something inspired by nature, color, light, people, music, the universe and always trying my best in keeping my family together.
I wrote this to be able to show you my world trough my eyes.
What I feel, what I see, how I put things together, to give you my humble informations about different perspectives, what my interests are and what for visions i have.
Now You get a sense of my personal path and understand why my artwork is a unique, colorful and unexpected statement.
Today I live with my partner and a kid in Europe and work for a whide number of galleries and private clients worldwide.


i update this soon